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Start Writing Your Book In 5 Days

(Even if you've never written a book before)

"In no time you have a clear idea of how and what to write!"
- Catherine Polet, Joy & Fulfillment Coach

Ready to overcome your fears and start writing your book?

  • Clarify your message in 5min

  • Outline your chapters with proven templates

  • Create a writing plan that works

Everything you need to get from idea to outline and finally start writing - so that your stories and insights can make an impact!

Written by Dr Nicole Janz, Creator of the 90-Day Writing Accelerator that has helped 100s of writers publish their books and articles, 1-1 Book Coach, and author of The Write Habit Planner

"I learned how to structure my book so that the chapters can flow into each other - with content to help keep the reader engaged." - Paul Sheppard, Mindset Coach

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Here's everything you will find inside:

Immediate Access 📚 Start Your Book in 5 Days - Welcome & Bonus WorkbookDay 1: Rapid Fire Premise | Clarify the key message of your bookDay 2: Identify Your "Why" | Get 100% committedDay 3: Focus Mindmap | Decide what belongs in the book (and what doesn't)Day 4: Outline Blueprint | Two proven templates to make your chapters flowDay 5: Writing Roadmap | Set milestones and get build a daily habit to get it doneBonus #1: Guided Audio Track to follow along
Bonus #2: 4 bestselling book outlines analysed
Bonus #3: Example roadmaps for 100-page vs. 300-page books
"You have a book in you and you need to let it out. I am almost done with my first book thanks to Dr. Janz. She got me going and I have been cranking ever since." Ben Parvey, CEO and Writer

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